share the table | renew our cities

A few people grasped by the stunning truth that God in Jesus – through his life, death, and resurrection – began making the whole world new are on a journey of becoming a people: Christ First Fort Worth.  Families, from literally all over the world, gathered as a gospel-family dreaming of what the grace of God could do in America’s fastest growing large city.

Join us as we gather around the table enjoying the four ancient practices of the church:
Fellowship – Devotion to Scriptures – Prayer – Breaking Bread. 


Sunday mornings


CCS Building
623 S Henderson St
Fort Worth, TX 76104

Gatherings around tables or local brew houses, or by a fire pit. Good food, good convo, sacred space.

We hope to be a people defined by the story of God shared with us in the scriptures. These bi-weekly evenings are to center us on this story & to study & discuss what it is to live it out in our time and space.


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