how you can give and help us
in our hopes for the city

We long to bless our city. We dream of being a community of light and love bringing the beauty, goodness and truth of God to Fort Worth and to the nations. This isn’t the work of an individual or an organization, but a family, a family that has been remade by their encounter with the grace of God in the life and death of Jesus of Nazareth. We become a people who give because we are those who love and serve a God who has given in a way that marvels mankind. 

If part of your participation in this story of renewal – in Fort Worth and beyond – is to give financially then please see the options below as to how you can do that.

Ways you can give:


If you want to give with a good ol' check, you can do so by making your check out to Christ First.


Give to Christ First via Subsplash

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